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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eek, Yack, She's Coming

We're going on vacation the week after next, and I've hired a house sitter.  Not just any old house sitter, but someone who knows everybody in the local horse community.  What was I thinking? Where was my mind?

Is this an office or a junk room?  When was the last time I washed the shower curtains?  What's up with the windows? They're grime central.  The guest room, is that a guest room or clutter corners?  Got to clean.  Got to toss.  Got to, got to, got to.  Sheesh, I'm in a cleaning, tossing frenzy.

However, I can't remember the last time my house looked this good.  I wonder if she could come twice a year?


  1. LOL - Take it easy on yourself! Enjoy your vacation, where are you going?

  2. Maia, aka anonymous, here. We're going to Nagshead on the Outer Banks of NC and I can hardle wait to get there.