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Sunday, September 18, 2011

And Then There Were Three

We decided to introduce a gelding into the pasture with Kitt and Jolie since it was time little Miss Jolie learned some manners from another adult horse.  To say she was becoming a brat was an understatement.  With a lot of consulting with the barn owner, we decided to introduce Mr. Promise to our little group.  The only trouble with that, was that Mr. Cougar, the alpha gelding, boss horse and grand imperious poobah of all was not happy with  the situation.

Here we have Mr. Cougar letting Mr. Promise understand just how not happy he is with this.

Mr. Cougar is the guy with the ears back and Mr. Promise is the guy running away.  Well about half way down the pasture, it occurred to Mr. Promise that there was absolutely nothing Mr. Cougar to do to him.

So he proceeded to turn around and gallop back to the girls, putting on a big show when he got there.

Check out the girl to the left, that's Miss Magic, the alpha mare and Cougar's girlfriend.  Well she was so appalled by this revolting development, that she turned and let Cougar have it.

Well if Wednesday was Jolie's bad day, Saturday was certainly Cougar's.  And as for Miss Jolie, her bratty behavior has evaporated, for now at least.  I'll keep you posted.

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  1. "grand imperious poobah" - you crack me up! Nice older geldings make GREAT babysitters. My 23 year old Morgan gelding has raised several bratty stud colts - he single-handedly makes them bearable to be around. Amazing. I can't wait to see more of Mr. Promise, and I'm glad Mr. Cougar got put firmly back in his place.