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Friday, September 9, 2011

Enough Already

Alright angry weather gods, I have personally had it.  This rain has plucked my very last nerve. We have had one solid week of hurricane streangh rain.  The bridge I have to cross in order to get to the highway to go to work is underwater.  I can't get to my horses because the road leading up to the farm is flooded. Forget trying to get to gas station or the grocery store. Oh I can get there, I just have to go 15 miles north in order to get on the highway, come back fifteen miles to get to the store which is two miles from my house.  Why because the expletive deleted bridge is underwater.  Trees are falling everywhere and homes and businesses are ruined.  And if all of this wasn't peachy enough, the state's authorities have now said that the Susquehana River which is flooding everywhere is filled with raw sewage, toxins and hazardous waste; and all of these lovely things are going to be dumped into the bay, not to mention ruin entire towns.

I realize those poor Texans have it much worse, but jeesh enough is enough.


  1. That's just crazy! Too much of anything is not a good thing, and water can be so destructive. We finally had a low pressure system move into our area, so perhaps there will be a chain-reaction of all these systems moving around and pushing each other out. I hope your area dries out soon.

  2. We have similar devastation up here in Mass Maia, I feel for you. Here's hoping it gets better and back to normal soon.

  3. Man- I guess if you don't like the weather in Maryland- just wait five minutes and it will change. You all have more than enough weather to keep anyone busy ( not to mention crazy)!
    Are you close to the Susquehanna River?
    I remember that bit about the Susquehanna Hat Co that Abbott and Costello did! Hy-larious!
    Take care my friend- I hope your horses are ok!

  4. It's been sunny for two days. The girls and I are fine, except that poor Kitt has what looks like diaper rash on her nose. The flooding is gone around here and now we're dealing with the clean up.

    No lucky for me I live near the Gunpowder River, not the Susquehana.