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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jolie at Four Months Old Angel Halo/Devil Horns

Jolie is really most of the time the sweetest of peas.  She comes running up to the fence when she hears my car, she follows me around the pasture when I'm working with Kitt.  Here are her accomplishments thus far.

1.   She stood like a real little trooper for the fairer, in fact he said she was remarkably well behaved and the best foal he had ever trimmed. 

2.   On a lead line she can walk in circles and figure eights as well as just going forward being led on both sides.

3.  She  only flinched a little when I put the bath towel on her back and now it's such non item, I'm thinking of moving on to a saddle blanket next.

But then just when you think this is the best baby horse in the world, the halo starts to slip and two little devil horns sprout out of the top of her head.  Here's what she does, she gets a certain look on her face, she flattens her ears and starts switching her tail.  Then she bunches up turns her back on you, wiggles her butt as she gets ready to kick, and receives an immediate smack on the rump. After a "what the hell" run, she comes back all nice and sweet, but the horns are still there and then she turns and gets another smack on the rump.  There are some times when I'm working with her, I feel like a monster.  This bad behavior has returned. She hasn't done it for over a month. But most of the time, she really is the sweetest of peas.

PS:  I never work with her for over five minutes.  She's just a baby and needs to play.


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time with her!
    Careful of those flashing hooves!

  2. I had to laugh. I just started riding about 3 years ago and I am fascinated that you have a foal and will get to see all of the developments. And I so totally know that look and the devil horns. It's fall and the weather is getting crisp and Tucker pulls that crap on me when we go into the barn every so often. Except he does'n't turn and kick, he's just a nutjob on the lead rope and will rear or buck.