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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Very Bad Day - Jolie

Jolie:  Here's what happened, yesterday.  My mother was not paying any attention to me at all.  She was spending all of her time making goo goo eyes over the fence at the boy horses.  Just when I thought this was going to be the boringest day of my life, Maia and Tommy show up with carrots. YUMMY.

Well I went over to them to get my carrot pieces and do you know what happened?  That big old boy horse, Cougar came over and they gave him some of my carrots.  Yes they did. They gave him my carrots. So, being little and cute I snuck over there and tried to take it out of his mouth. Do you know what he did. HE BIT ME!!!  The big ogre bit me.

Big horses are not suppossed to bite little horses that's not allowed.  So I was really mad and I figured if he could be mean and do things that were not allowed, so could I.  So plotting what I could do and who I could do it to, I turned around and got ready to.., when a hand came down and SMACKED ME ON THE BUTT and Tommy said, "No you don't." So, I turned around and got ready to look big and mean when Maia smacked me and yelled, "That is not nice." I was beside myself.

Maia: So she took off running and bucking around the pasture. It was almost as though she was moving in time to Michael Jackson's song, I'm Bad, except in her case, it was I'm Mad. I'm Mad, I'm really Mad. I don't know what was funnier, the look on her face when Cougar bit her, the way she changed the pleading, "I'm little and helpless, so please don't hurt me, " mouth motions that foals make; into a shocked an affronted, "I'm little and helpless and that big oaf bit me;" or the way she ran around. It was hilarious.   She ended  it by stomping off into the run in shed and sulking in the corner.  I guess we've all had days when nothing goes right.

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  1. Oh, thank you for the laugh! Poor Jolie, but better to learn now than later!