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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Taking Back Control More or Less

"Dweezil, Jolie" I shout walking into the barn area,"What is the meaning of this?  Stop this fighting right now."

"Maia," Jolie shreiked, Running over to me, "Dweezil ruined your blog, and then he said that I was annoying, and then he said," she continued, smacking her lips like a foal, "that my buttocks are ugly and hideous."

"Dweezil," I said as firmly as I could, "I will deal with you in a minute."

"Jolie, your buttocks (pronounced correctly) are just fine and you are not annoying, you're just young." At which point Jolie turned her head in Dweezil's direction and stuck out her tongue.  Who knew horses could do that?

"OK Dweezil, just what to you think you are doing?"

"Taking over your unused blog," he remarked snidely while closely examining his claws."

"Well that's not going to happen you imperious little toad"

"Pope Dweezil, the imperious toad," Sqig thought to himself.  That was close, really really close, but not quite there.

"It's a done deal, I've done it.  We have taken over and we have such plans for this blog."

"Such as?" I inquired, dreading what I was about to hear.

"Well, first there's Uncle Dweezil's Mailbag, where I go online and answer some of the letters that have been pouring in for me.  And then there's Jolie's training from her viewpoint."

"Oh yes,  oh yes," Jolie responded jumping up and down and I'm sure people are going to want to know if I'm going to Miss Lita's or Mr. Jim's and what I think about that and how everybody loves me and thinks I beautiful."

"Uncle Dweezil's mailbag and Jolie's point of view on her training," I thought to myself "Yikes the implications were scary in the extreme. But on the other hand, if I let them try and things go as far out of control as I suspect they will, I can get this blog back without too much of a fight. And it's always better to do an end run around these three rather than  try and meet them head on when they club together.

Ok you three, you can give it a go.  But understand this Dweezil, you had better not get obnoxious while you're doing it.

"Pope Dweezil the obnoxious,"  Squig gloated, grinning from ear to ear.  It really was too perfect.

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