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Sunday, October 27, 2013

And Boils Over Part 3

In the ensuing weeks the boys often commented that it was as if someone had erected a billboard with a large red arrow pointing directly at their front door; and on it that someone had inscribed the following in letters ten feet tall:

"Give me your strippers, your hookers, your pole dancers, your various and sundry ladies of the night all yearning for that easy job where one would be absolutely guaranteed to make a lot of money."

When the hoards of hopeful applicants grew into the hundreds and became a tad surly,Dweezil and Squig became experts at crowd control utilizing both expansive methods of persuasion, as well as a more often than not baseball bat and a club sized aerosol spray container of Pest Begone.

The neighbors, understandably taking a dim view of the scantily clad lady cats lounging all over the nearby yards, were as well as shunning the beleaguered family, actively circulating a petition to have them thrown out of the village.

None of this mattered too much to Annie, the source of the whole mess, because she was up in her room working on her 20,000 word essay covering the following points:

1.  My fathers know more than I do and want the best for me.
2.  Kittens should never sneak behind their fathers' backs and disobey them.
3.  The caternet is not a toy that kittens should play with.
4.  False advertising is against the law for a reason.

So one evening,  it was with a  heavy heart, Dweezil just knew that should he actually be fortunate enough to realize his dream,and open his wonderfully chic restaurant, after this no one would ever darken the door. And leaden feet, he simply hadn't the energy to deal with another smart mouthed sex trade worker, that he made his way to the front door. Opening it, he peaked out and stared at the elegant black and white lady cat standing on his doorstep.  From the top of her cherry red cloche hat to the complimentary bow tied around her neck there was something achingly familiar about her. He looked, blinked and looked again.  Holding on to the door for support, he finally whispered the word, "Mother."


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