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Sunday, November 3, 2013

And Boils Over Part 4

"Dweezil," the lady cat gasped, "My long lost kitten, Dweezil. You're alive!" And with that she fainted, crumpling into a tidy heap on the doorstep.

"Annabelle," Dweezil shouted as he rushed over to help his mother. "Bring me water, now."

Annie put down her pen, and ran out of her room and down the stairs to the kitchen. She pushed her stool over to the sink and climbing up on it, filled her ballerina glass with water. Being very careful not to spill any on the carpet, she ran to door.

"Here father," she said handing the glass to Dweezil.

"Father," the lady cat repeated as her eyes fluttered open.  "You have a kitten?"  Sitting up, she adjusted her hat back to it's rakish angle and then said,"Oh Dweezil, you have a kitten. When a mother sends her kittens out into the world, she hopes for the best, but tries not to have too many expectations, the world being the cruel place that it is."

Dweezil rushed to help his mother onto her feet, while a very impressed Annie retrieved her designer hand bag.

"Grandmom," Annie said smiling up at her.  "Here's your purse."

"You may call me Grand mere and we refer to this as a handbag," she instructed, taking it from her. "Now lets have a good look at you." She eyed Annie up and down for a few seconds and then, pronounced.,
"Oh Dweezil, she's adorable," and then stopped as a very annoying thought crossed her mind, "Of course, I don't want to be a bother and will spend my time sitting quietly in some corner.  I wouldn't want to upset the lady cat of the house, and oh by the way, where is she?"

With his unerring knack of having the worst timing possible, Squig walked into the hall scratching himself and asked, "Hey Dweeze, are there any more of the those tasty cheese straws hiding some place?"

Annie watched as an odd look flitted across Grandmom's face and then she sighed sadly and said, "A mother shouldn't have too many hopeful expectations in this cruel world and must learn to accept what she must."

Squig looked at the lady cat and then at Dweezil and smiling broadly walked over to her, threw his paws around her and giving her a big hug, said, "You must be Dweezil's mother."

Stepping back he said helpfully, "Now Mother Dweezil, I don't want you to get the wrong idea about your son and me.  We're just good friends and roommates."

"You may call me Yvette," she instructed, relaxing a little.

"No, Mother Dweezil, " that would be disrespectful.," he replied, " I'm  always going to refer to you as Mother Dweezil.  And I want you to get, down to the depths of your claws, that your son and I really like lady cats."

"Well some of us like lady cats," Dweezil commented leaning back against the wall, "While others of us prefer female felines."

"Hey, Fatso, at least I have a girl friend."

"I don't think it would be an exaggeration," Dweezil replied innocently, "To say that half of the sailing cats in the US Navy have had your girlfriend."

"You take that back right now.  You know that Trixie was just down on her luck."

"Trixie was certainly down on something, but I didn't know it was currently being called luck,"

"Why you,"

A shrill noise pierced the argument deflating it like a balloon and Annie watched as her grandmom, blew again on a silver police whistle and then put it back in her pur,,, handbag.

"If you two are all through figuring out how many sailing cats there are in the US Navy and thinking up new definitions for the word luck, would you please help me in with my things and show me to my room.  I am tired and would like to freshen up."  She said, giving her dads the stinkeye to end all stinkeyes.

Annie hugged herself in delight.  Her add had worked.  The right lady cat had arrived.

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