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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Every Time I Shoot Off My Mouth

Well, there I was, pity poor me. Winter was getting me down.  The ever growing number of deer eating at the buffet was driving me nuts.  Well all I had to do was put that in writing and don't you know spring arrived, big time.

It's been in the sixties.  I went out into the watershed and the grass and small plants are starting.  The snow is evaporating and melting and is almost gone as is the mud.  Orion is high in the sky and the world looks wonderful.

I put out my usual deer dinner and added a few treats, some apples and grapes. Pammy and Pixie came first and then the new group. I had to leave to meet my neice and her fiance for dinner, but I suspect the Charlotti Mafia came as well.

Oh yes, I went out and spent a wonderful afternoon with my horse.  There will be a whole lot about her this spring into summer.

I'm going to leave you with something that I think is pretty.

Have a wonderful week.


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