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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Cut My Hair, Hot Flashes and Other Atrocities

As a newly minted semicenturian, I decided to cut my hair.  Having hot flashes has awakened me to reality. Yes, I look ten years younger than I really am; but as my grandmom used to say, ten years younger is getting so much older. I used to have red hair down to the middle of my back, but I looked at myself last week and thought, "girlfriend, this is not doing anything for you." So I hightailed it off to one of the chichi salons and had it whacked off, and I love it.  Well I love it today, we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

On Sunday I watched a wonderful Katherine Hepburn movie called, Summertime. It was shot in the fifties and her clothes were gorgeous in the extreme. My husband I were watching it together and he said, "I'd love to buy you clothes like that." And I had to tell him, lovebug they don't design clothes like that anymore.  All they design are clothes for a twelve year old with breast implants who's currently working as a pole dancer. So here I am a 50 year old curmudgeon.  How on earth did this happen? Oh well, what can you do?

Oh yes, as we get into spring there will be more about my BFF, a lovely little quarter horse mare who is the most forgiving, loving animal on the planet.

Big Sigh.  Have a lovely week and I'll be back to my snarky self in a bit. 

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  1. You cut your hair! Cool! My hair is long now, to the middle of my back, but I've had it so long that I am kind of attached to it. And the last time I cut it I was in shock for months, so now I hesitate to do anything to it! I really want to though- just don't have the fortitude!
    Post pictures please! Inspire me!