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Friday, March 5, 2010

There Are Way Too Many Guests At My Table

I used to say I can't feed them all, but now it seems that I am. They come in waves.  First up is the new doe and her twin fawns and yearling.  These girls tear at my heart.  When they first arrived on Monday, they were starving, and I mean that literally.  They were so dazed from hunger they could hardly function. You could count every rib and all the joints on their spines.  They were so out of it from starvation, at first they didn't know what to do with the food.   The looks on their faces when they saw it and  knew that they were going to live was amazing.  They come up first because they don't want to get in the way of Charlotte and her band.

Yes, bossy boots Charlotte is alive and well and still in charge.  She drives her group up and decides who is going to eat what, when.  You best believe that Charlotte and the big buck eat first and everyone else can sort it out.  They really don't care.  They look great.  They're thinner than they were last year, but their coats are shining and they look fine.

Last up are Pammie and Pixie. Pammie is the subordinate doe and she waits until everyone else has eaten before she arrives.  They are my favorites and I can't stand it when they come and there's nothing for them to eat.

So, what do I do.  I go out and put out food for the new ones.  Once they have eaten, I go down to the basement and put my muck boots back on and put out more food. Once Charlotte and her band has hoovered up everything in sight.  I put on my muck boots for the third time and put out food for Pammie and Pixie.

This is getting old and expensive, but I don't know what else I can do.  I can't let any of them starve; and I'm longing for spring when nature will help me out somewhat.

Oh yes, I haven't mention the squirrels, birds, raccoons and Roxie.  This winter is wearing me down.

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  1. Kindness in any form is Gods gift to the world!