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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ooh La La My Day at the Spa and I Will Not Feel Guilty

Yesterday, my friend Donna and I had a wonderful day at the spa.  Facials, organza draped, heated massage tables.  Rose scented sprays, manis, pedis and the wonderful heated waterfall pool.  Oh yes and cucumber scented iced towels for when you were too warm.  It was delicious and I loved every blissy minute of it. Sometimes a girl has just got to indulge.

And now for the guilty bit.  I'm sitting upstairs in my office looking out and what do I see, the mama deer with the fawns looking right up at me.   It's 12:42 and I don't feed them until late afternoon.  So why are they looking up at me with doe eyes?  Why am I feeling like the guilty rat of life, because I'm not racing down to feed them.  I'm not because I'm not. Well maybe I'm feeling a tinge of guilt.  Well maybe I'll just sort of mosey on down and set a few little things. Oh what the hell, I feel guilty and so down I'll go.

1 comment:

  1. Guilt is a powerful motivator!
    You'll be glad you did!