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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Girls, Pammy, Pixie and the Babies

No, I didn't do labels. I probably should have but back in the day, I didn't. I got hornswaggled into feeding the deer. I thought I was feeding squirrels, to keep them out of my bird feeders. I found out I was feeding starving, injured deer. Pammy and Pixie were one of the last pair to come up. They were picked on by the dominant, at the time doe.  After they had been driven away and the others had eaten, I used to run out and call, Pammy, Pixie come on girly girls, dinner's here, and they would come.

The last doe, lost her fawns, and she comes up after Pammy and Pixie and the babies, with her yearlings. The Pammy crew are not afraid of me.  They aren't afraid of my husband or my next door neighbors. It's like we have a deal.  I don't come up to where they are hiding and they don't threaten me.  They are, however, terrified of anyone else. I feed them something called "Deer Crunch" until the beginning of October.  Then I mix it with a horse feed called, "Mill 12," two to one Deer Crunch to Mill 12.  Starting in January I switch it, 2 Mill 12 to 1 Deer Crunch.  If this is a bad winter, I will have anywhere from 6 to 18 deer. I feed them, because I've seen what starving looks like and I can't have it.

About hunting,  As I've said above, I've seen starving and a clean shot, beats that anyway you want to count. I love Pammy, Pixie and her new crew and on some level I think they understand that. Oh yes, I have an apple tree, thank you birds, and this time of year, I add a few apples to their food.

If you want a relationship with a wild animal, it takes time and patience and respect. They will never be a pet and you can't make them one.  The best you can have is what I've got and that's quite a lot.


  1. Maia, that sounds really special. I like your philosophy. While I am not a hunter myself, I understand those who are. I wondered in that the loss of fear in wildlife is when problems usually start. Granted that is more in predator animals, but I wondered. It's good to know that their trust does not extend to the entire human race. Neat stuff. I have a lot of deer here, so far all seem to be in good shape. If I notice them looking hungry this winter I will consider putting out the grain you suggest.

  2. YOur 'crew' gives you so much pleasure! So nice that you feed them all.
    The deer that come to my house do it in stealth mode- I never see them, just their 'calling cards'. I live at the edge of a suburb, with lots of acerage just behind me, and occasionally a crew will come up the street- about two in the morning.