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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Shot That Got Away

Have you ever kicked yourself around the block because the perfect shot presented itself and you did not have a camera, handy. I've been going to the barn everyday this week to take care of Kitt's skin issues.  I have a gergillion bad shots of horses with their nose on the ground.  Or, if they're walking to me, they're ears are a mess.

Yesterday, I went out without my camera.  Hey, it's one more bag to shlepp.  Well wouldn't you know this was the day of days.  There was a horse in the mare field, who had been on a week of stall rest because of an injury. When they let her up into the mare field, she bucked and reared and danced all over the place, which made all of the mares do the same, which made the ponies in the pony field do the same, which made the geldings do the same.  There were horses flying their tails, bucking, dancing and running; and where was I? Right up there with them without my camera and long lens. Standing there thinking expletive deleted.

Today, I packed up all of my camera equipment and it rained. Oh well.

Someday soon we're going to talk about shutter speed and how to get that wonderful shot. I just have to figure out how to set it up in a way that everyone will understand.  And yes, this fall, you will so get the rule of thirds and the S curve of beauty.

Stay tuned,


  1. Ha! I just woke up and my dog Scrappy got into one of his whole-body-wagging moods and started doing his adorable little dance. So far I've only been able to describe it on my blog, because I never have my video camera with me when it happens. I think the trick is to have a camera ready either when I wake up in the morning or when I've been away for a few hours and am walking in the door.

  2. The best shots are always sans camera. I's some kind of law I think. LOL

  3. But that is how it goes - Murphy's Law.