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Friday, September 3, 2010

What's New on Howard Street

My hospital office has huge windows that face Howard Street, a main thoroughfare in Baltimore.  It is also a magnet for fruit loops and crazies. Just this week we saw a man drop down on the sidewalk, do three push ups, roll over on his back, lay flat out for five minutes, and then roll over do two more push ups and then stand up and walk away as if nothing he had done was strange.

Today we watched two young lovebirds turn Howard Street into Lover's Lane. After ten minutes, one of my coworkers said that they should "get a room." After fifteen minutes, I said that maybe, "Our maintenance man, Wild Bill, should toss a bucket of ice water on them.  After twenty minutes another coworker, looking out the window, shrieked, "Oh my God, he's taking off her bra." And this is going on on one of the main streets in town.  The looks on the passersby and the shop owners was priceless.  Cars slowed down to stare.  It was beyond funny,

We have had people having very loud arguments with nobody.  Police chasing a suspect and throwing him to the ground, gun battles and all sorts of goings on. Ever wonder where Super Nanny finds those children? We saw one little girl pitch a huge screaming, fighting, kicking fit right on Howard Street.

So today, we decided to bring our video cameras and start chronicling  the goings on, on Howard Street.  Stay tuned, as soon as we get a live one, you'll be the first to know.

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  1. Wow- and I thought my town was the only one full of crazies! Can't wait to see what you catch on film!