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Monday, February 7, 2011

Animal Tales

I was going to call this post, Mr. Squirrel's bad day and then I heard the second story so here we go.

Now before you all start feeling really sorry for Mr. Squirrel, I'd like you to keep in mind that he had spent the day in my deer chow bin, munching and napping, nice and dry and out of the cold.  Well by late afternoon, Mr. Squirrel had finished his dinner and was ready for dessert,  when what should have presented itself? An apple, from somewhere he found a nice ripe apple.  He could hardly believe his luck.  With the apple safely in his mouth, he proceded to the tree line and home.

Unfortunately as he was crossing the yard with his prize firmly attached to his mouth who should arrive, but a deer who took one look at him and thought, "yippie it's an apple." And my cat Squigg, who thought, "yippie, it's a squirrel. Both deer and cat converged at once. Poor Mr. Squirrel, what was he to do?  He thought for a second and then dropped the apple and ran for safety in a tree.  He spent the next few minutes cussing out the two who had made him lose his prize. Suffice it to say, the deer ate his apple and Squigg walked away empty handed.

Story #2

My niece, was in bed recovering from the flu, when her fiance shouted out from the living room.  Sweetie, will you please stop texting me all this nonsence. She shouted back, I am not texting you.  He said oh yes you are, you've texted me five times and it's been nothing but gibberish.  Niece then replied, excuse me I am not texting you I don't even know where my phone is.

Determined to get to the bottom of this dilemma, fiancee called her in order to find the phone.  It was under the sofa and their rat terrier, Mason was holding it in his paws and lightly chewing on it.  Somehow he had managed to compose and send texts.  Pretty clever if you ask me.


  1. That's scary for me. I've had my new touch screen qwerty phone do all kinds of weird stuff without my permission, so I don't want to touch it. It called 911 twice while I was trying to install the battery. One time it made two long distance phone calls to the same person while I was out shoveling manure. The guy called me back to see what I wanted. Whenever it rings, it takes me half a dozen attempts to answer it, because it always locks right after I unlock it and before I can press the green button to answer. I've messed around with settings, but nothing has helped so far. My last job involved testing mobile phones, but this one I bought is just a pain in so many ways. It makes me feel dumb, and it's not even a smart phone.

  2. Thanks for the laughs! Great stories!

  3. LOL...two great stories...glad you shared!

  4. That's pretty good! I have had people call me cause their phones where in their back pockets - but haven't been texted by a dog yet!