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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some Thoughts on This Winter

A few weeks ago I had a rotten cold, so I stayed home and spent some time watching TV. Something I usually don't do, except for the odd HGTV show.  Well I watched a show on the history channel about the mini ice age which occurred between 1400 - 1800, and it was just fascinating.  One of the topics they brought up was, what scientists now think might have been  responsible for the mini ice age. One theory was that the melting glaciers, yes the glaciers were melting because of the warmer than average world temperatures, go figure, dumped so much fresh cold water into the ocean that one of the major ocean currents, became much colder than usual. Interesting.

The next theory was that there were five volcanoes in a five year period.  What are we up to now, three.

Then I switched to the weather channel and they said that one reason for our hideous winter is that the same ocean current was a few degrees colder than usual which was causing a colder and wetter than normal winter.  Oh jump for joy.

Well all I can say, is that I for one do not want a 110 degree summer.  If we're going to have these nasty winters, the least that the angry weather gods could do is let us have a nice summer.


  1. I'm hoping for a nice early spring and not-too-brutal summer here too. Last year it was so hot and dry out hay yields were a quarter what they should have been. No-one up here is set up to irrigate as we typically don't need to. Here's hoping!

    To get hay that I can afford and that my horses will eat all of, I am having to buy large square bales, that are 3x3x8 feet each and weigh over 800 pounds. Now there is so much snow I don't thing the delivery truck can even get in, so I have to go back to paying a fortune for small square bales, unless and until this snow ever melts. Sigh...

  2. DarC, I've been where you are. This winter stuff is so god awful. All we can think is that when this is over all will be well. Last year it was our turn. This year, it's yours. Each and every year it gets worse. All I can think, we are so done in that all we can do is believe that we have the gross karma to be living in the times when everything changes. This stuff has happened before and it will happen again. Hold the thought that you and your horses will get through this. Because you will.

  3. If you can figure out how to influece those weather gods, let me know. I'd love to join you.

  4. I wish I could. It just keeps getting worse. Ice, ice and more ice and now a blizzard on Thursday. And I keep thinking about my foal next year. How can I wean her to be all by herself in this weather. I thought that all the global warming folks would chime in. We are in a mini ice age with a global warming summer. I don't know what to do, except wish we were all in California where the horses are shedding out.

  5. I hate to even tell you- it was a spring like 70 degrees here in the San Francisco Bay Area today. And a lovely clear day- no smog or smoke- You could see Mt Tam from Mt Diablo- a very unreal occurance. You could see Twin Peak from Oakland-
    BUT- it will be 120 here in the summer, I can tell!I'll be wining big time then.

    PS - How is your pup?