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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Kidd You Not

Last night the hubby and I went to hear the group Project Object, a Zappa tunes group, at a venue that makes me crazy.  But oh well, the hubster is a huge Zappa fan, and as we all know, you have to give a little.  Well after about a half an hour of listening to the sound system screach while they were testing it and all the screamers, I decided I'd go outside where it was quiet for a few minutes.

I told hubby that I'd be right back and went on out.  Standing around were a woman my age, two young women who looked to be their late twenties and a fancy pants man.

We started talking about the venue, and the woman my age offered up the opinion that a martini softened the conditions and two made it bearable, and by your third, you'd be singing along.  I, unfortunately had to tell her that by my second, I'd have to be carried out.  We then talked about Zappa, the dedication of the monument downtown and how cute, Dweazil is.

It was then that Mr. Fancy Pants piped in that he met his current girlfriend at the Dweazil concert.  "Oh, we said," Yes and she's a millionaire" he continued.

Obviously the jerk had never spent anytime around mares, or he would have seen all the ears go flat back and the tails start twitching. Nope oblivious to all he continued with, and I quote,"She found out that I manufacture and distribute sex toys and was just fascinated."  As soon as he shut his mouth, all four of us, in unison went, "Oooh gross," with the appropriate facial expressions.

Well, he skulked away.  This was not the response he had anticipated. And the four of us proceeded to have hysterics.