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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Do I Hate This Weather Let Me Count the Ways

1. I hate not being able to ride.
2. I hate dirty snow and icy mud.
3. I hate having to creap down the roads that take me to the interstate.  Is it just wet or is it black ice, that is the question,
4. I hate shoveling snow.
5. I hate dry winter skin and hair.
6. I hate the colors brown, black and grey and am thoroughly sick of my winter clothes.
7. I hate not being able to be outside.
8.  I hate the dark.

How about you?  What do you dislike about winter?

Oh yes, here's my activities with my horse.

1.  Go get horse.
2. Lead horse from pasture to stall.
3. Take off blanket.
4. Groom horse and clean hooves.
5. Tell horse repeatedly that "no we are not going to go for a walk, that mud's like ice."
6.. Put blanket back on horse.
7.  Go get horse's dinner and put it in the bucket.
8. Go get  horse's hay.
9.  Give horse a hug and a kiss.
10.  Leave barn
Both us are bored out our minds and by the time it gets nice enough to ride, she'll be too pregnant to do anything.