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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bringing Up Baby Day 1 The Good and the Bad

Well, here we are on day 1. My normal vet is on vacation, so the replacement vet arrives.  Now I want you to remember my baby stood up all by herself in less then 1/2 an hour.  She found the nipples all by herself. She was running around the stall, bucking and having a grand old time.

She takes one look at her, and says "she tiny, hello no she isn't. Why is she so small? She's toxic. Well I want you to know that I've seen toxic foals and this little girl, doesn't fit the description. She looks at the placenta and says, "well this is why she's toxic, this placenta is way too small. 

Well at this point, I jump in with, her mother is 15 hands and her father is 14.2, just what do you mean by too small? Too small as compared to a 16 hand warmblood who's been bred to a 16+ hand Thoroughbred.  Well not to be dismayed, she has to take blood to determine just how toxic poor little Jolie is. Also the poop I've seen her do is not quite good enough, so the poor little filly has to endour two enemas. What a horrible first day of life. Oh yes, did I mention the poor little girl has to get two shots everyday for five days to counteract how "toxic" she is.

Well guess what? the vet who's standing outside her stall, calls me to tell me her blood work is perfect. And watching her jump around the stall, she decides the antibiotics are already kicking in and then here's the kicker (sorry for the double kicker), she tells me little Jolie is probably the fanciest foal she has ever seen and I have to train her to do something.  An animal as beautiful and bright as she is should not be a trail horse.
Well guess what, she will be, and it won't be to do dressage or eventing.  Her mother is the fastest horse, I've ever ridden and she can turn on a dime and her father is making a name for himself in the cutting world.

Somehow I have to get her over this hideous day, and trust me I will.