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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm Back

Sorry I haven't been post much lately, but guys I didn't know what to say. There was always, I'm working six days a week and that sucks.  Or maybe I could have posted, golly gee it's raining again, whooptie do. Or I could have posted about the hairball clean up detail, I seemed to always be on.  But it's finally spring and Kitt is about two weeks away from her due date and the light is wonderful. So I think I'll just leave you with some of my favorite shots from the past week.


  1. Glad your back anyways! Still jealous of the spring shots... sigh...

  2. Ah Steph, you're blog is so intellectual and perfect. It makes me feel like a huge
    Piker. But I have a perfect baby and I'm goimg to let you all know what she can do. Please come back.

    PS: I probably mispelled Piker.

    PPS: Steph, you need to write a book. You're blogs are perfection.

  3. Miss Kitt update? Can't wait!

  4. I gave up dust bunnies pick up for lent. 1972.