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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bringing Up Baby Day 2 - Much Better

Photos will be coming tomorrow, promise. She's still in her stall. Tomorrow, she goes out. Today went very well.  I can now touch her face, her ears, stroke her neck and her back.  We played a game, she came up, I touched her and then she ran away.  She'd come to a dead stop, peak around Kitt and then come running up again, come to a stop and let me touch her. When she was lieing down, she let me stroke her ears, neck and back.  I don't do it for long, I don't want her to feel overwhelmed.  I play with her for about 1/2 an hour, then go sit under a tree with my book for an hour, then back I go.

I was really proud of her.  The feed truck came lumbering up, making all kinds of noise, with two guys, yelling and throwing feed sacks to the ground.  This was right next to her stall.  She did not panic, or go crazy, she just stood there, peaking out of the gate, seeing what was going on.  I guess it helped that Kitt was just as calm as she could be during the whole thing.

We had our first little showdown, which I won.  I put her halter on her and she did not like it one little bit.  She had a temper tantrum.  I just stood there and said calmly, "you can pitch any kind of fit you like, but that halter is not coming off. She was not happy with it or me, but a few hours later, she had relaxed was back to playing the freindly game. I like to end any training session, even at this young age, on happy note.

Here's what she looks like, as you'll see tomorrow.  She's a palamino, with four white socks and a white blaze. Her confirmation is very correct and her pasterns are straight.  She also has dark blue eyes. I don't know if they will change over time, but right now they're blue.

Pictures tomorrow.

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