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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our First Offer

My baby is two days old and we've had our first offer. I didn't tell you this in the last post. Some pony clubbing mother asked me how much when she is weaned, and I said, politely, "not for sale."  And to myself, I said "Over my dead body." My little peak a boo, will never go to a thirteen year old pony clubber, to be past to the next thirteen year old and so on until she's sold at auction for dog food.

Here's why I call her "Peak a Boo."  I decided to dumb down the Parrelli friendly game for a foal. So when she comes up to me stops, get's her pat and runs behind Kitt.  I put my hands over my eyes and call out, "Peak a Boo." And open up my fingers. When I can look into her eyes, I call out, "I can see you," and then she comes running. So, instead of thinking about her as Jolie or Raven or whatever, to me she is now Peak a Boo.

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