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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Huge Thank You and What In The World Do I Do With Her

Thank you guys for all of your kind comments about my baby. They mean so much to me. Blogger wouldn't let me tell you how much they meant, but they did.

Ok here's what happened on Day 5. On day 3. she was entranced with the big girls in the pasture next to hers.  They are three year old fillies and they put on quite the show when they saw her for the first time. So what did my little monkey do, today? She figured out how to crawl under the fence and get in with them. My poor mama horse was, as usual these days, having a hissey fit. My five day old baby was playing with the big girls and having a ball. The big girls were loving her up. Go figure.

Oh yes, the barn manager told me that five day old Jolie was figuring out being led and was a really good girl about it. So much for my lead line lessons.  The assistant manager told me that she was so bright, I should consider dressage or "eventing." What oh what do I do with her to help her reach her full potential.  I'm at a loss here folks. So help me.


  1. Really, just let her be a horse. Right now all she needs to know are how to be led, brushed, have her feet picked up, and start teaching her to stand tied. Walking on a trailer is a good thing to learn, just walk on with mom (hopefully Kitt is good to load), turn around and walk off. If Kitt is good to trailer, take them both to a local day show just to expose her to the busy atmosphere.

    Once she's learned to lead and stand with you on a lead rope, to hose her off when it's hot is good too. Other than that, just let her learn horse manners from other horses. If she gets too "humanized" now, she'll be a horse-y dunce and a human pest in no time, and that's the last thing you want.

    I'm thinking back on what I did with my last foal after she was weaned (since mom was blind we were limited in what we could do with them as a pair). Took her for long walks, through the woods, etc. Walked her over tarps, through water, minor obstacles like that, things that she'll probably encounter when being ridden.

  2. Thanks. I'm commenting as anonymous, since they won't let me comment as me.:) We've been trying to think of things to keep her stimulated since she's the only foal this year. Do you think, she could be turned out with the big girls for part of the day? She doesn't seem to have a problem being away from Kitt.

  3. I agree with DarC...she just needs to be a foal...a yearling...and on to a horse. It's way to early to really know what her physical and mental attitude will be as she matures.

    At this age, she should probably stay with mother...mothers teach them a lot of things that we humans can't teach them. Maybe after a couple of weeks or so the yearlings and Kitt with the lil' one could run together.

    Just take it one day at a time~

  4. Thank you guys. You are the best. I'm a firm believer, that horses need to be horses. I can hardly wait to see how she develops.

    PS: Don't you think it's funny that I can't comment on my own blog. NOT!!!