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Sunday, March 9, 2014

And Now a Word From Their Sponsor

While part of the gang is packing up and Squig is enjoying his cross country trip.  I thought I say a few words about what's going on here in the great white south.

Hello Al Gore, I thought we were supposed to be having global warming.  I thought Maryland was supposed to feel like North Carolina, instead it feels like the North Pole. Here are two words I would like to have erased from the English Language, "Polar Vortex."  This winter has been miserable, it's been cold, snowy, icy and just down right lousy.  Oh yes, we have had a few unusually warm days and do you want to know what that does?  It melts the snow fast, so for a day or two we have mud that's the consistency of soup and then the temperature drops quickly and we have icy mud.  Icy mud that's covered in a nice layer of snow.  Riding, who can ride?  I haven't been riding since December when this whole mess started.  Why, when it's warm enough to ride, the mud is as slippery as glass and the rest of the time, there's the ice underneath the snow which  makes riding impossible.  Do you know it's been warmer in Durango than it has been here.

Oh yes, the deer.  When it first started getting cold this little family of four deer would come to the edge of the property and the doe would stare up at my house.  After awhile I figured, she must have been one of the fawns I fed in 2010.   So when it got bitterly cold and there was nothing for them to eat, I started feeding them again.  How much trouble would it be to feed four deer.  Well it wasn't too long before they picked up two orphan fawns.  Six deer, that's not too bad.  Then two more joined and it was eight deer and as the winter progressed, they told all of their friends and extended family about the all you can eat buffet and  it was twelve deer.  Well those twelve told twelve more and I was feeding twenty four deer.  During last Monday's snowy mess, I counted thirty deer.  This is getting out of hand.  Thirty deer!  Several of my neighbors are joining in feeding them, but still.

Let's see what else can I complain about.  I've relearned how to drive on snow and steer through a skid. They say this spring is going to be colder than ever.  If that happens I am going to turn into a real contrarian. The light is great though.  It's getting stronger and brighter every day.  Maybe soon, but in the meantime, I have more mud to pick out hooves, hungry deer and horses who have had it.  So here I sit, longing for spring.


PS:  If you think Harlan is done go over to to see what more trouble he can cause.


  1. How sweet of you to feed the deer. It was such a hard winter, no wonder you ended up with 30.

  2. Glad you and the deer made it through okay! I still have a foot of snow on the ground here in central MA.