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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where Have All the Bloggers

OK guys, so like where are you!  You know people who regularly read your blogs tend to worry if they don't see you in a while.  You leave us with unanswered question.  So here we go.

1  Alright Darcy, I know you're alive because you commented.  What's the latest with your farm.  Did you get it up and running?

2.  California Cowgirl.  How's your showing.  How's your new horse working?  Did your daughter get that camel?  What's new.

3.  Life on the Rough Strings, your photos are superb, but what's going on with you and your dogs, horses, life.

4.  Deniserata, two years and not one word.  You better be fine and dandy.

And the rest of you, I know it's a pain, but your lives are not boring and I miss you.

Up to my knees in mud.

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