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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Bond

OK, my friend, Ms. D is going to email me and say,"Maia how many time do I have to tell you, you can't say these things about your relatives and clients. Oh well and then I'll think to myself, your right and thenI'll delete this and walk away. But for now, here goes. I was privileged to photograph a woman who has cancer, who is dear and sweet and loves her horses. And you know what her horse love her back. To watch and photograph the dynamics between them was a privilege.  I couldn't make her look like a super model, OK, Ms. D, this won't be up long. She has cancer and she looks like she had cancer, and there was nothing I could do, that wouldn't diminish what I saw. Here is a shining example of true love. I hope some of you see it before I get quilted into getting rid of it.


  1. Nice photo!
    You sound a little stressed~ hope all is well~

  2. To he!! with Ms. D or anyone else who thinks that we can't say what we feel...or express what our lives are...they are what they are...Remember when you gave me the "what for" for posting pics of us sendin' the trapped pack rat to its death with my dogs? No difference. I left the post up. Life is life.

    The photo you took shows love between a human and a friend...a horse...there's nothing more beautiful than that!!!

    My .02 cents worth...or maybe that was a buck's worth!! ;~)