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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where I Am and Why I've Been Absent

OK, guys here I am. Well, I have to process and deliver my niece's wedding pictures. So what's so wrong with that. Except I have to process and deliver a client's shots. Well she's going to have a double mastectomy on December 3rd. Well she wins, except that my services won big time and I have to shoot and deliver for the winner. And then I have to cook and clean every day and show up for work. And I get up at 5:00 am and deliver at work. And I don't know what to do.  By the time I've gotten up at the crack of dawn, shown up at work, and then come home and cleaned and cooked, I'm toast. But yet I still have to deliver, tile the basement, deal with my niece's issues and keep on keeping on. I have no time for you guys and it breaks my heart. Oh yes, the deer still depend on me. And I can't let them down. Maybe next year things will be different.


  1. It's hard to just keep keepin' on when the life and world of someone close to you is being threatened.

  2. We miss your posts but we all can understand.
    Do what you need to do, and we will still be here waiting for you when you can return to us!

  3. You just keep goin' like you said. We know you'll be here when you me more time to keep reading your previous posts that I've missed.

    RE your post on 'what will be' over sleepin' was a VERY good thing...blessings to everyone involved is such a tragedy~

  4. again...we just watched 'Emma' last evening!!! You're an Emma!!!'s not a bad thing...great story line~