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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can I Do It?

These are the questions that haunt the creative professional when you get to a certain level. Are the shots that were perfection a fluke? Can I produce this kind of quality consistently? Am I qualified to do this job? For those of you who took the class and now think you can produce, when you never have had to on demand, within a specific time frame, I think you probably can.  It depends on what you ask of yourself and what your client demands.  I have now been asked to produce for the millionaires, and I don't mind telling you I'm scared s'less.  Who knows? I've tried my damnedest and I've succeeded.  But guys, I've been invited to produce at a whole different level and it, at the same time, thrills me more than you can know, and scares the dickens out of me. Can I do it? I think so. But the neurotic little piece of me is whispering in my ear "who do you think you are? You piker, you."


  1. Yeah, I catch myself thinking about everything that could go wrong during a photo shoot, and then have to correct myself and just concentrate on how fun it will be.

  2. I also second guess myself. But then I remember what the great Ray Bradbury said " Just jump off your cliff and build your wings on the way down".
    I always felt that he ought to know...
    Happy flying!